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Alison's Green Carbon Footprint Policy
Alison & Stephen Vardy Partnership
A Green Gigging Musician -
Who is not Irish!

"reality must take precedence over public relations,
for Nature cannot be fooled.."

Richard Feynman
US educator & physicist
(1918 - 1988)

  Our Green Carbon Footprint Policy  

Alison & Stephen Vardy have been making environmentally conscious decisions in their private and public lives for decades. The less is more philosophy or voluntary simplicity. What follows on this page is a natural extension of their daily lives. Green policy comes naturally.... going green pays for itself.... climate neutral from a sustainable footprint is the goal.

Alison & Stephen Vardy are radical recyclers. Rather than live high on the hog and buy carbon credit offsets as a sop to the conscience to be "carbon neutral" the Vardys' choose to not consume the carbon in the first place. The majority of carbon released into the atmosphere today comes from the manufacture and distribution of goods - not in their day-to-day operation. To this end the Vardys' choose to use more than 90% recycled goods in their daily lives and choose to maintain rather than replace items wherever possible even if the "economics" infer otherwise. Everything that ends up in the landfill without it's utility being completely exhausted is an unnecessary carbon debit. Anything that prematurely replaces a landfill item is a double debit. So minimising the carbon debits and radically reducing daily consumption is the Vardys' goal.

Alison & Stephen are ardent bicyclists and their motor vehicle travel is minimal for solely personal use (4000km/2500miles annually). Business motor vehicle use is severely restricted and often multi-tasked for greater carbon use efficiency. Air travel, in the unlikely event of it occurring, has a purchased carbon offset applied as a matter of policy.

Note: Alison & Stephen's peak year for their administrative and business maximum carbon-use footprint was year 2003.

Carbon Use Footprints
- Various Businesses in the A & S Partnership

  • Alison
    • full-time business
    • gigging & touring harpist with amplification
    • harp teaching studio
    • recordings sales - iTunes enabled
    • digital sheet music sales
    • established 1998
    • admin 90% electronic
    • service in South Coastal British Columbia only
      • Victoria BC
      • Vancouver BC
      • Whistler BC
      • Nanaimo BC
      • Courtenay/Comox BC
      • Tofino BC
    • carbon footprint reduced by 50% or more over peak year 2003
    • restricted vehicle use of less than 6500km/4100miles annually

  • West Coast
    • full-time business
    • new harp sales
    • established 2006
    • admin 90% electronic
    • new service in Canada with existing admin & studio resources
    • restricted vehicle use of less than 6500km/4100miles annually

    • Reconnective Healing Practice
    • established 2004
    • admin 100% electronic
    • new service in-house with existing admin & studio resources
    • this business is carbon neutral

  • Celtic Harp Sheet
    • digital sheet music sales
    • established 2008
    • admin 100% electronic
    • new service 100% electronic
    • this business is carbon neutral
  • Used Harp
    • used harp sales listings
    • established 2008
    • admin 100% electronic
    • new service 100% electronic
    • this business is carbon neutral

Office Policy
– Administration of all businesses in AV & SV Partnership

  • Maximise electronic data storage, filing & back-up.
  • Maximise use of open source software with smaller carbon footprint with efficient software development & minimum carbon debit to acquire.
  • Maximise communications, agreements & invoicing to greater than 90% electronic.
  • Minimise office paper product use – now less than 20% of peak year 2003 levels.
  • Office paper products to contain recycled content where possible.
  • Paper-based promotion reduced to business cards only in the near term.
  • Yellow page telephone listing restricted to two lines only.
  • All future paid text promotion to be internet based only.
  • Internet digital distribution for all music recordings & sheet music.
  • Musical CD sales format to be phased out in the near term.
  • Hydro-electric home/office power source.

Travel Policy
– Alison Vardy, Harpist

  • Maintain reduction of musician's travel for concert tours at less than 25% of peak year 2003 levels.
  • Maintain reduction of musician's gig travel at less than 60% of peak year 2003 levels.
  • All concert & gig travel to be local & regional only.
  • To keep vehicle size & carbon footprints to the minimum necessary to conduct current business.
  • In the unlikely event of air travel - carbon offsets will be purchased

Gig Set-up Policy
– Alison Vardy, Harpist

  • No regular use of any disposables other than minimal use of duct & cloth gaffers tape for safety reasons.
  • Sound gear to be small light weight & very energy efficient – less than 2 ampere draw for 450 people.
  • 100W Halogen spot-lighting only when provided by the artist.
  • Re-chargeable battery powered outdoor sound gear & lighting
  • No gasoline generators.

Shipping Policy
– West Coast Harps Sales

  • Recycle & acquire used packaging materials where possible.
  • Use recycled fiber in new packaging where possible.
  • No new plastics used in packaging
  • Maintain recycled materials in packaging at greater than 75% content
  • Maximise use of two-way aluminum shipping chests for harp shipments thereby requiring minimal disposable materials.
  • Collect harps in bulk from regional suppliers where possible.

Home & Home Office Green Policy - Environmental Footprint

  • Use environmentally sustainable cleaners & solvents.
  • The 3 R's - Reduce Reuse & Recycle as a matter of course (A & S have done so for 35 years).
  • Compost.
  • Vegetable garden.
  • No gasoline power tools.
  • Maximise travel by foot, bicycle & public transport.
  • Vehicle uses combined for multiple tasks.
  • Buy organic, local, fair trade & unprocessed foodstuffs to minimise carbon footprint & packaging.
  • Space heating on demand to minimise heat loss.
  • Extensive plastic, paper & metal recycling.

Main AV & SV Partnership Suppliers - Green Achievements

Alison & Stephen endeavour to give preference to suppliers with active green policies.

  • – 100% renewable energy powered.
  • Great Little Box Company – several green initiatives including 60% fiber recycling.
  • Day & Ross Transportation – perpetual "Best Management Awards" for LTL services.
  • UPS USA - UPS Supply Chain Solutions ranked 9.3 out of 10 as "Green" Outsourcers.

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