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  Celtic Harpers  

   |Patrick Ball
    The legendary Celtic harpist and storyteller.

   |Silvano Betelli
    The Italian Celt.

   |Valerie Blessley
     A lover of "Celtinavian Music," Valerie's music reflects her Scandinavian and Irish heritage.

   |Cynthia Cathcart
    A wire strung clarsach aficionado.

   |Tanah Haney
    A fine Celtic harpist and teacher in Peterborough, Ontario.

    One of the more beautiful harp sites on the web. Good harpist too!

   |Beth Kollé
    Do Norwegians wear kilts? How about the Nordic harp? Another pro harpist worth visiting.

   |Mike Nielsen
    Mike simply embodies the joy of harping.

   |Old Bridge Music
    Exquisite harp and guitar.

   |Mike Parker
    London harp teacher, musicologist, conservator and restorer.

   |Jennifer Pratt-Walter / Lyrica Press
    An engaging player.

   |Christine Fraser Ramsey
    She has had great success with the Scottish harp.

   |Sue Richards
    One of the best musicians on the Celtic harp from either side of the Atlantic.

   |Kim Robertson
    The harper's harpist.

   |Harper Tasche
    He is making Celtic harp music waves too!

   |Christina Tourin
     A healing force!

   |Sunita Stanislaw
    Sunita has immersed herself in the worlds of Jewish and Celtic music.

   |Laurel Van Maren
    If you are ever out Colorado way, here is a pro harpist worth checking out!

   |Magdalene Wong
    Harping in Singapore.

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  Celtic Harpmakers  

   |Another Era Lutherie
    Craig Pierpoint makes a wonderful harp with a great feel to the fingers!

   |Blessley Instruments
    Carved harps from Vancouver Washington.

   |Building a Celtic Harp
    A little insight may be called for!

   |Cureton Harps
    David has moved from Nelson British Columbia to Muskoka Ontario.

   |Dorman harps
    Edmonton Alberta based harpmaker John Dorman makes a Canadian winter-tough harp.

   |Dusty Strings
    Harps and accessories from Seattle Washington.

   |Fisher Harps
    A Winnipeg Manitoba harpmaker who makes a very nice instrument.

   |Gerhard Wanney Harps
    GW makes beautiful harps from a workshop on Thetis Island, British Columbia.

   |Heartland Harps
    Creating the harp of your dreams

   |Muma Harps
    Roger is creating harps from London Ontario.

   |Musicmakers Kits
    Make your own harp!

   |Nordic Harps
    Sally is selling harps in Sweden.

   |Wm. Rees Instruments
    A good source for a double strung harp.

   |Soundex Harps
    Regina based harpmaker.

   |Stanley Harps
    From Kingston Ontario.

   |Stoney End Harps
    A well known name.

   |Timothy Harps
    Timothy Hablinski lives and builds Nova Scotia.

   |Thormahlen Harps
    Another fine maker.

   |Triplett Harps
    California harpmaker.

   |Kees van der Leek
    Traditional instruments.

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  Celtic Harp Resources  

    THE Celtic music archive.

   |Clarsach Society UK
    Comunn na Clarsaich.

   |Harp Care
    Courtesy of Wm. Rees Instruments.

   |Harp Myths
    Courtesy of Wm. Rees Instruments.

   |Harp Restringing
    Courtesy of Wm. Rees Instruments.

   |The Harp Spectrum
    A compendium of great info.

   |Harp String Tying
    Courtesy of Thormahlen Harps.

   |The Harp Realm
    An international school of healing.

   |Harp Structural Analysis
    A lot of physics goes into a harp. Learn more.

   |Harping for Harmony
    I have learned that the harp is a very special instrument and so are its harpers.

   |Harping for Dummies
    This will introduce you to the harp.

   |Finding a Celtic Harp Teacher
    This is an important topic as this relationship becomes like a musical marriage.

   |The Kora Connection
    The African gourd harp.

   |The Musician's Injury Page
    If you play frequently your body will know your poor habits long before your mind is aware of them.

   |Musica Paraguaya
    A fabulous South American harp resource.

   |Pain Free Harping
    Get the book: Pain Free - a revolutionary method for stopping chronic pain.

   |Performance Anxiety
    Everybody starts somewhere, usually here.

    I enjoy this site and they enjoy my CDs too!

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