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Celtic Harp Amplification for Harpists
……. Why Bother?

Hi, I am Stephen Vardy of Harpsound Audio. I bothered and I think many others can benefit from a little knowledge about microphones, speakers and how to deal with all that technology when on stage.

So where does one start? Amplifying Celtic harp music is a large topic with many facets, the technology, the skills, the uses and the philosophy of why use amplification at all? What works best where?

The purpose of what follows on this Celtic Harp Amplification Series is to introduce harpists to the topic. it is to raise awareness levels of the opportunities created by amplification, and educate about the technology in a way that allows, you the harpist, have enough knowledge to make competent decisions about amplification, sound systems and sound engineers.

You do not have to buy any sound gear to make use any of the knowledge in this series. Over the telephone you can ask a series of simple questions of a prospective client or his “sound guy” about their sound system that allows you to assess the relative quality of that system and the competence of the person handling it. No more cold sweats about that much heralded, great sound system which turns out to be 2 cans on a string run by somebody who can not even spell “microphone” yet alone use one!

Neither is the purpose of this Amplification Series to provide a set formula for buying specific brand name pieces of gear for those who wish to have their own system. What works for one harpist may not work for the next. Gear mentioned here will be recommended in part from personal experience with an individual item, in part from referrals from trusted engineers with a good ear and in part from a manufacturer’s reputation based on similar products from the same manufacturer.

Stephen Vardy
Harpsound Audio


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  Stephen's Celtic Harp Amplification Series  

|Sound Systems Simplified
|Microphones Simplified
|"Sound & Celtic Harp" Solo Gigs
|Understanding Cables - Part One
|Understanding Cables - Part Two
|Buying Cables
|Feedback & Resonance
|Speaker Placement
|Using Two Mics on the Celtic Harp
|Choosing an Amp
|Placing a Pickup
|Using a CD Player with an Amp
|System Capacity and Gig size
|Using Other Engineers
|Microphone Techniques for Recording
|Making Good Sound from a Donut


Alison Vardy - Solo Celtic Harpist
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