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Harp Workshops
Improving skills for playing on the harp

Alison Vardy

Each year Alison runs a series of workshops for harpists who want to improve their harping skills and share their passion for Celtic harp music with kindred spirits. These are practical hands-on workshops that impart knowledge that simply cannot be learned easily from a book. Come join Alison and have some fun. The local workshops are limited in attendance, so book early.



Alison is offering very affordable 4-week "harp tasting" courses through various Victoria seniors centres. Small harps are provided and in additon can be rented for home practice.

The next is at the Monterey Centre in Oak Bay with four hands-on sessions with very friendly little lap harps in a supportive, fun group of co-learners. These classes are for the very beginner and note-reading is not required. You will learn basic technique, tuning and some simple tunes. Harps will be provided for in-class use. There is the option to rent a small harp from the instructor for the length of the course for optional home practise.

Monterey Centre Harp Workshop

Contact Oak Bay Recreation - Monterey Centre or Alison for more information.

Alison also has workshops annually in her studio. Alison ocassionally holds informal monthly group lessons near Sidney BC. Enquire if you are interested.

  Previous Workshops Include  

Technique Review - Details
|What to Do with Waltzes? - Details
|Building Blocks of Music for the Folk Harpist - Details
|Improving Skills for Playing Harp by Memory & Ear - Details

|Exploring Rhythm I - Details
|Exploring Rhythm II - Details
|Building an Arrangement - Details

|Flippin' Levers - Details
|Offbeat Harmonies - Details
|Techniques for Improvisation - Details

|Jewish Music & Dance - Details
|Building Rhythm - Details
|Moody Modes - Details
|Confidence & Independence - Details

|HarpCon 2003
Offbeat Harmonies
     |Be a Balkan - Details
     |Celtic with a Twist of Latin - Details
     |Fun with Syncopation - Details
     |Learning Music by Ear - Details

|Fort Warden Folk Harp Festival
     |Intro to Jewish Music (& Dance!) - with Alison Vardy - Details
     |Playing with Sound - with Stephen Vardy - Details

|Fort Warden Folk Harp Festival
Harping Business 101


If you would like a workshop in your area, please contact Alison.

Harp workshop with Alison Vardy
Harp workshop with Alison Vardy
Harp workshop with Alison Vardy
Harp workshop with Alison Vardy

Alison Vardy's

Experienced International Performer
10 years Conservatory Training on Piano
B Sc - University of British Columbia
New Zealand Adult Teaching Certificate
7 years Polytechnic Teaching Experience
Experienced Communications Skills Tutor
Trained Group Facilitator
Trained Community Mediator
Parent of 2 Teenagers
4H Volunteer Coordinator
Youth Program Administrator
Producer of Own Solo Harp CDs
Recipient of Professional Arts Awards

Alison Vardy - Solo Celtic Harpist
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