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Outdoor Ceremony Microphone
Alison Vardy's Harping With
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With the support of Harpsound Audio and husband Stephen Vardy, Alison is able to offer new wedding service with an Outdoor Ceremony Microphone PA System for the Marriage Commissioner plus the Bride and Groom.

This is an elegant solution for the many outdoor weddings that Alison performs at where the ambient road and aircraft noise often can be all too intrusive. Surprisingly, wind can "blow away the words" along with making the shrubs rustle about. Our most commonly heard complaint after acoustic outdoor ceremonies is "I could not hear the words".


Ceremony Mic


 The Ceremony Mic System in Brief  

A small microphone is placed equidistant between the Bride, Groom and the Marriage Commissioner with a small mic at the level of their hands. This thin black mic is used on top of a unobtrusive black mic stand with a small heavy round base. Two amplified speakers are placed at the side of the watching audience to create a "surround sound" and the volumes are adjusted just high enough to make the amplified voices clear and natural sounding. External 120V mains power is not required. This service is provided in conjunction with Alison's harp performances at outdoor ceremonies.

(The text that follows below is a more detailed expanded version of the above for any bride who is seriously considering this option and the text includes all the benefits and caveats of outdoor ceremony amplification. This info will be very useful for any decision making process.)

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Ceremony Mic


 How the Ceremony Mic System Works in Detail  

The microphone is placed equidistant between the Bride, Groom and the Marriage ommissioner with the small mic head at the level of the hands and just above the Marriage Commissioner's notes. This thin black and highly sensitive pencil mic is used on top of a unobtrusive black mic stand with a heavy round base. There is nothing shiny to catch the photographer's flash and the black often blends well into the background clothing. The mic is omni-directional and will pick-up all three voices albeit the Marriage Commissioner's will be a little louder as (s)he is usually projecting more.

The mic's signal is fed to an amplified speaker on a stand off to the side of the ceremony layout and is normally placed beside Alison and her harp. A second speaker is usually placed towards the rear of the audience again to the side. Stephen adjusts volumes from Alison's position and once the ceremony has started he is usually totally in the background at the rear of the proceedings.

The Outdoor Ceremony Mic System is all battery powered using extra large gel cell batteries to avoid any small 9V battery failures mid-ceremony. No mains 120V power is required so the mic can be used almost anywhere outdoors.

Using two speakers along the side and to the back of the audience allows for an even distribution of the amplified voices. The intent is not to make the ceremony "loud" but rather to have a natural sounding stereo field set just above the ambient background noise - audible and yet natural sounding in parallel with the sound of Alison's amplified harp. Good, natural sounding amplification is more about restraint than excess.

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 The Advantages  

There are numerous advantages of using Alison Vardy's Harpsound Audio Outdoor Ceremony Mic PA System.

  • Usable outdoors anywhere
  • Usable inside tents
  • Long Life batteries
  • No 120V mains power required
  • Superior voice quality
  • Even voice pickup of all three voices especially when heads move
  • The signing plus the moments before & after ceremony are kept private
  • No technical hassles for the wedding party before the ceremony
  • Marriage Commissioner less stressed hence a better ceremony
  • Unobtrusive pencil mic placed at lower hands level & not "in the face"
  • Effective windscreen
  • No conflict if videographer's lapel mic in use too
  • No accidental walkie talkie & baby monitor signals as on some wireless


Image: Ceremony Mic


 The Caveats  

Yes, there are some disadvantages about having any mic's with an outdoor ceremony and we wish to be totally transparent so state them clearly here. As with all of Alison's performances her harp and the Harpsound Audio sound systems must not get wet. We can cover against almost 99% of the other contingencies but neither the instruments nor sound gear are to get wet. Please see our Terms of Service.

Secondly, ceremonies that go seriously overtime when Alison has another event or wedding booked immediately afterwards are at risk of having the Outdoor Ceremony Mic withdrawn preceding the start of the harp processional but only if the lateness will make Alison tardy for her next performance. Alison regularly does two or three weddings in a day and must honour her booking commitments elsewhere. Alison books a little extra setup and takedown time for the Outdoor Ceremony Mic PA System against this possibility of overtime so there is usually sufficient extra time for the slightly overrun wedding ceremony. See our Terms of Service.

If you are a seriously overtime and always late kind of person then please consider when booking Alison to book some additional time for your Ceremony.

The Outdoor Ceremony Microphone PA System is not for indoors use. Various options are available for indoor receptions including where a wired speech microphone. Most indoor ceremonies in churches do not need microphones or they already have an in-house microphone. Enquire if you have an unusual situation.

Sorry, you cannot hire the Outdoor Ceremony Mic PA System separately on its own without having Alison playing her harp too because the fee is structured to include Alison playing with the Harpsound Audio Crate Limo PA System in parallel. We recommend Sharps Audio-Visual for a stand alone ceremony mic PA system. Sharps will require 120V mains power.

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Singing Mic
Alison accompanies singing guest during Ceremony



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