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Alison Vardy provides a fully integrated "boutique" background entertainment service adaptable for any venue or group, particularly when combined with Harpsound Audio. Having professional Harp Entertainment at your reception, gala, mixer or wedding dinner will provide a distinctive, elegant and pleasurable ambience. Your guests, friends and colleagues will relax, communicate and enjoy themselves more fully. Contact Alison for a detailed recommendation on how her music can highlight your event.


The How, Why, When and Wow of having a Harpist!
What to consider when planning your event in Victoria BC
  The Wow Factor!

Of all the musical instruments, the harp has the greatest "wow factor" for your guests. The harp speaks a unique, captivating language. The care, attention and professionalism that Alison puts into her physical presentation, lighting and musical performance enhances the harp's visual effect to the point where it's just simply "Wow". This rubs off on your whole event and boosts your guest's overall positive impression.

  Where to use the harp?

When planning your event or conference, Alison's harpistry is easy to include. Whether indoors or outdoors, for small or large groups, corporate receptions, garden parties or wedding ceremonies
Alison's music and specialist set-up is versatile and professional. She is able to move to various locations as the event progresses. Event planning is easy using Alison's adaptable harp music services. Her experience and detailed preparation ensures a smooth, seamless performance.

  How to use the harp?

Alison's harp music can be either for background ambience or as a foreground feature act. When using carefully controlled and discrete amplification, Alison's punchy rhythms and tuneful compositions have more sonic presence than a string quartet! Her music can gently disperse into a room drifting in and out of conversation.

  What does Alison provide?

Alison has a large, varied repertoire of harp music from diverse cultures to suit every mood. Attractive presentation is included with lights, linen and flowers. Professional Harpsound Audio amplification is available with her attendant sound technician. Alison's set-up is totally self-contained with a battery powered option available.

   Where does Alison play?

Alison Vardy is centrally located in Victoria, British Columbia. Alison frequently travels to Sooke, Sidney, Gulf Islands & up Vancouver Island.


Image: Alison enjoying a quiet moment
|A bit of early fun at one Alison's pre-gig sound checks


  How can I have Alison play?

Contact Alison Vardy for a detailed discussion about her harping musical services specific to your event and needs. An exact quote will be given. Upon receipt of a deposit to secure the date, a full confirmation letter of agreement will be sent including all the negotiated details and services for your special event. Alison's Victoria Event Fees are available.

  Alison Offers...

Professional service…
Flexible, accessible itinerary…
Acoustic or amplified delivery…
Music for all groups, large or small...
Adaptable equipment set-up…
Captivating repertoire…
Warm, expressive presentation…
Enchanting music indoors or out...
International experience…
Speech services...

  CDs as Gifts

Alison's CDs make excellent party gifts as recorded music is a memorable and lasting souvenir of your special event's ambience and Alison's harpistry. Choose from
three CDs
of solo harpistry and Alison offers bulk wholesale pricing to her harping clients.

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Image: Art Gallery Gala
Art Gallery Gala

To Alison,
The Rainbow Harpist

You have left the rainbow,
The sun, the moon,
the stars,
so much behind you.

Until you had gone
I did not know that you had left
the rivers, the forests,
the silences.
I did not know
I should always remember
your music in my heart.

Viva Alison,
Mucho gracias…
Peter Jacobson, Poet,
Dunedin, New Zealand



"Alison Vardy has always provided an exceptional level of live entertainment for our guests. She is very professional and her music is appropriate in a multitude of settings. We have received many positive comments from visitors and staff about Alison's work and we look forward to having her entertain our guests again in the near future."
Sara Benson, Entertainment Planner,
The Butchart Gardens, Victoria British Columbia

"Please accept our sincere appreciation for your performance during the pre-banquet social and during the banquet. The ambience of your music definitely made the evening a great success."
Ray Saxon, Co-Chair, 78th Annual Conference,
Purchasing Management Association of Canada

"The music you played for our guests and us as everyone arrived at the cocktail reception was elegant and classy. And you made it simple for us, Alison. You've obviously had lots of experience, as you coordinated the timing of everything before, during and after the reception and ceremony, seamlessly and without rehearsal."
Bob and Carol P.
Sidney British Columbia


Image: Alison Vardy - Solo Celtic Harpist
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