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Vancouver Island's Alison Vardy is a professional wedding harpist specialising in ceremonies and receptions. Alison normally offers a three hour package for a Courtenay/Comox wedding including the ceremony and entertainment after.

With more than 20 years of Celtic harping experience, she has the ability and depth to make her live harp music simply flow from one special moment to the next. Alison also offers a wide range of services for your special day to create an elegance and rich ambience for the whole wedding.

Alison normally offers her performances at Courtenay/Comox weddings as a minimum three hour package with her playing being both at the ceremony and the reception where couples book Alison's gently amplified harpistry as a Package These package bookings are very cost effective and economical in providng seamless entertainment throughout the wedding.

There is a natural sounding outdoor ceremony microphone P.A. system available for Bridal Couples who have more innovative (IE noisier) outdoor nuptial locations. Alison can provide for all the audio technology requirements for the entire wedding.

Contact Alison for a detailed discussion of how she can best meet your wedding wishes.

If you wish for a more personalised service, please phone Alison now and she will quickly guide you through her services as to what best fits your desires plus offer you a comprehensive quote. Otherwise for a detailed look at what Alison has on offer, continue to browse below. Be sure to sample Alison's MP3 of Pachelbel's Canon intertwined with The Streets of London.


Planning "The Music" for Your Wedding in Courtenay BC
What to consider when having Alison as your Harpist
  Ceremony Prelude

The prelude music is performed while friends and family are arriving and awaiting the ceremony. It's nice to have a broad selection of tunes for all tastes - and you may request some special musical dedications for guests and family whom you wish to acknowledge.
  Ceremony Processional

The Bride often chooses the Processional music she wishes to accompany her "down the aisle". Some couples choose two musical selections: one for the Bridal Party (Bridesmaids) and a different one for the Bride herself.

  Ceremony Recessional

The Recessional is celebratory music for when the now married couple walk back up the aisle to receive the congratulations of family and guests at the service completion. This musical selection can also be made by either the Bridal Couple,
or Alison, who will make a suitable choice on your behalf.

  Alison's Availability

Alison is available to play for your wedding ceremony or reception in the Courtenay/ Comox BC area or further up Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Be sure to visit Alison's Your Courtenay/ Comox Event webpage and Contact Alison today for a no obligation discussion regarding your specific wedding wishes.

  Book Early

Music is an often a unnecessarily belated part of the wedding planning process. Almost every aspiring Bridal Couple remembers to book the dress, cake and photographer early in the process but they often leave the wedding music until the very last. Harp music at the ceremony and especially during the early part of a wedding reception will create a delightful and memorable ambience for any wedding. Alison's Courtenay/ Comox Wedding Package Fees are available.

  Pachelbel's Canon

Pachelbel's Canon is by far the most popular choice for the Bride's Processional music. Alison's harping skill set combined with the fluidity of her arrangement of the Canon are well suited for when ceremonies unfold uniquely in the moment. Alison offers other Processional choices including the Bridal March. Listen to Alison's sensuous dual arrangement of:

Pachelbel's Canon
intertwined with
The Streets of London

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  Signing the Register

Guests appreciate having a luxurious and pleasant musical interlude as they wait for the signing formalities to be completed and for the Bridal Couple to be announced as "Husband and Wife".

  Ceremony Duration

Most wedding services last about an hour from the beginning of the ceremonial Prelude to the end of the Recessional. Some ceremonies may be longer for certain religions or if other dedicatory items (candle lighting, readings etc.) are included.

  Outdoor Ceremony Mic PA

Alison through Harpsound Audio offers an Outdoor Ceremony Microphone PA Service for larger outdoor wedding audiences and for locations with a lot of ambient road and city noise. Inner harbour and backyard venues often benefit from a gentle boost to the Marriage Commissioner's voice.

  Harpistry at the Reception

Alison's harp offers a number of advantages over using a string quartet or other instruments like the piano or the organ for Courtenay Wedding Reception entertainment. Notably a pleasant sounding and accessible repertoire and a smaller space requirement or footprint. The harp offers greater portability and superior audibility when amplified well by Alison's own Harpsound Audio. A solo harpist also makes an excellent lead-in entertainment to a band later in the reception. When amplified, Alison can also provide recorded dance music services
after her reception performance.


Considering eloping? Intimate atmosphere in romantic settings with no unwanted intrusions, traditions or protocols to observe. Elope on a weekday and almost every location and supplier will be available. Eloping is very easy. A recent trend is for Bridal couples to elope having Alison, her harp and a photographer as the only guests while also serving as witnesses.

  Why Choose Alison?

Alison's elegant harpistry provides a gorgeous ambience and a beautiful sound for all your guests to hear. She has a large and diverse repertoire with over 20 hours of music memorised to play by ear at both your ceremony and reception. She brings a depth of professional experience as a musician to make the ambience of your wedding simply magical.

  CDs as Gifts

Alison's CDs make excellent wedding gifts as recorded music is a memorable and lasting souvenir of your wedding's ambience and Alison's harpistry. Choose from
three CDs
of solo harpistry and Alison offers bulk wholesale pricing to her wedding clients.

  Alison Provides...

Captivating repertoire…
Warm, expressive presentation…
Enchanting music indoors or out...
Ceremony & Reception music...
Your choice of processional...
Your choice of recessional...
Outdoor Ceremony Microphone...
Speech services...
Harp CDs as wedding gifts...
International experience…
Professional service…
Flexible, accessible itinerary…
Acoustic or amplified delivery…
For all groups, large or small...
Adaptable equipment set-up…



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"What a special ambience your delightful harp music created for our wedding!  Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for your beautiful harp music on our wedding day. It helped to create the special moments that we will cherish forever."

"Thank you so much for the beautiful music you played for us on Saturday. We know it set the tone for our special occasion."

Such compliments are three of many that West Coast harpist, Alison Vardy, has received after playing her harp at hundreds of weddings in both Canada and New Zealand.


Image: Alison Vardy - Solo Celtic Harpist
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