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With more than 20 years of Celtic harping experience, Vancouver Island's Alison Vardy has the ability and depth to make her live harp music simply flow from one special moment to the next. Alison also offers a wide range of services as a package for your special day in that very special location to create an elegance and rich ambience for your whole wedding.

Alison Vardy is a professional wedding harpist specialising in ceremonies and receptions with augmented audio services. Alison normally offers a minimum three hour package for a remote coastal British Columbia weddings including the ceremony and reception.

Alison has added this remote Coastal BC harp wedding/eloping service simply because wedding couples are becoming very creative in finding out-of-the-way spots to get married bypassing the more expensive inner big city venues. By relocating out of cities some "convenience" is swapped for stunning scenery, wildlife and nature, an intimate atmosphere plus plenty of time for all the guests and family to reaquaint. Alison can fill in the audio technology gaps to make these out-of-the-way weddings both convenient and very successful.


Harpist Alison Vardy can perform on her Celtic Harp
at Weddings and Elopements at many diverse
Coastal British Columbia locations including:

The S Gulf
The N Gulf
The Sunshine
Port Renfrew
Campbell River
Strathcona Park
Cape Scott

Gibsons Landing
Roberts Creek
Halfmoon Bay
Powell River


Image: West Coast Beach Paradise


  Here is how it works - What Alison Provides  

Alison can provide a complete Wedding Package to meet all your entertainment and audio needs including her harp play. She provides a number of large harps to suit the requirements of the various locations of your wedding (light-weight, beach, outdoors, indoors). Alison also provides for her own accommodation, travel and all her setup/shade requirements as part of her Wedding Package. She can provide for all the audio, speech, technical and amplification requirements for your ceremony and reception/dinner. This includes an outdoor ceremony microphone without 120V being available if required.

For a more complete description specific to Alison's wedding harpistry visit:

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  Here is how it works - What You Provide  

What Alison requires of you is a firm wedding date, a relatively stable intinerary for the day and general idea of how you desire the wedding to flow.

Please then contact Alison and have an in depth discussion on what is both possible and adviseable to have her harp and audio services make your wedding entertainment flow seamlessly throughout your wedding day. Alison will work out a tentative travel schedule including ferry timings and required overnights. Alison's pricing will be very specific to your wedding and will factor in time of year, day of week, distance, technical services provided and her ability to take advantage of your location for purposes other than your wedding.


  Elopements - Getting Away to the "Wild"  

Romantic get away weddings are never easier to organise than when the bridal couple quietly elopes. The quorum for eloping in British Columbia is five participants. The Bride and Groom, a marriage commissioner and two legal witnesses. These witnesses can be dual purpose also functioning as both the harpist and photographer too. It does not get much more romantic than having Alison as your own personal harpist for your intimate wedding on the West Coast.

A small intimate wedding with a few guests in a stunning region along Coastal BC works well too, as long as you pre-arrange the services to ensure their availability. Learn how to get married in British Columbia.


  How Alison Does It  

Alison and Stephen Vardy have a small professionally adapted custom Dodge Grand Caravan RV that is fully equipped with stove, fridge, sink, water supply, large double bed, furnace and on-board lighting. It only lacks for toilet facilities and can be used in most environments summer or winter. For small weddings and elopements arrangements must be made for secure warm storage of the harp(s) outside the RV overnight.

Image: RV & Trailer


Augmenting the RV is a double-decker cargo trailer that carries harps in the top tier and audio/sound gear in the bottom tier. Alison uses the trailer for larger weddings that require audio technology and amplification. The trailer can be used at any location where there is a turn-around but cannot be used on ice or snow so the trailer is generally only used in temperatures above freezing.

Image: Two Tier Cargo Trailer


Seriously remote areas and wet weather conditions are handled with ease as this RV/van morphs into various setups to accommodate the weather of all four seasons. Our only caveat is the harps must not get wet nor freeze. We generally provide our own sunshade for the harps as required.

Image Cooking dinner in Port Renfrew
Cooking dinner in the Port Renfrew mist


Contact Alison for a detailed discussion of how she can best meet your wedding wishes as she will quickly guide you through her services as to what best fits your desires plus offer you a comprehensive quote.


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