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"a vibrant array of multi-cultural Celtic
harp music arranged to delight
and soothe the senses"


For that special magic on your wedding day, the "wow" factor at your party or for creating a wonderful ambience at your business reception, my solo Celtic harp music is the perfect "ice breaker" for your friends and guests. Choose an intimate concert or well distributed background music for any sized group, both indoors or out, anywhere in Southern Coastal British Columbia.  I arrive fully equipped with a very adaptable set-up, gentle amplification and soft lighting to ensure a high quality professional outcome. My harping services offer you easier planning, save time and are low risk, high reward. Your listeners will hear a vibrant array of multi-cultural harp music arranged to delight and soothe the senses.

Alison Vardy


  Alison's Music

Sample 40 MP3 files from Alison's three Celtic harp CDs which successfully capture her rhythmic style, vibrant playing and her broad repertoire gleaned from cultures around the world. Listen now to Alison's sensuous arrangement of:

Pachelbel's Canon
intertwined with
The Streets of London

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  Booking Alison

Alison Vardy is a professional Celtic and Paraguayan harpist performing as a regional full-time musician in British Columbia, Canada. Her gig and performance destinations include Victoria BC, The Islands, Vancouver BC, Whistler and the Fraser Valley.
Contact Alison for a detailed recommendation on how she can provide her wonderful Celtic harp entertainment for your special occasion.

Alison Vardy captivates and excites her audiences with her fascinating world of multi-cultural solo harp music. Her formal harp concerts are a truly magical experience for all. Alison is available to give a personal concert for your group. Contact Alison.
Image: Outside harp in gardens
|Alison Vardy's Harps

  Bereavements and Memorials

If you feel that Alison's Celtic harp music and experience may be of benefit to your funeral service, memorial or reception, please contact her to discuss your needs and musical requests.
  Harp Lessons, Rentals & Sales

Alison Vardy offers Celtic harp lessons, rentals and workshops from her studio near the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria BC. Alison is an experienced teacher for students of all ages. Initial consultation lessons with a harp provided are available. Monthly harp rentals are offered. Enquire about Harpsicle lap harp & Celtic harp sales. Alison and her husband Stephen own and operate West Coast Harps
an online harp retailer and studio space.

Image: Through the harp strings
|Alison Vardy - Bio


Wedding harpistry is Alison's specialty. Alison is a master at timing ceremonies and performing amplified Celtic harp music as background entertainment for receptions and dinners. She offers a wide variety of options to fit all your wedding needs. Book early.

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  |Vancouver BC Wedding
  |Whistler Wedding
  |Nanaimo Wedding
  |Courtenay/Comox Wedding

  |Tofino/Ucluelet Wedding
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Considering eloping? A recent trend is for Bridal Couples to elope having only Alison and a photographer as both their wedding guests and legal witnesses.

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  |Eloping in Vancouver BC
  |Eloping in Whistler

  |Eloping in Tofino/Ucluelet
  |Eloping in Coastal BC

  Events, Parties & Receptions

Celtic harpist Alison Vardy along with Harpsound Audio offer all the elements necessary to make your event music an exquisite and memorable experience. Alison has
an elegant and versatile set-up for playing the Celtic harp at your event either indoors or outdoors, large groups or small.

  |Victoria BC Event
  |Vancouver BC Event
  |Whistler Event
  |Nanaimo Event
  |Courtenay/Comox Event

  Harping Information

If you are as enraptured with the solo Celtic harp or in being a musician and harpist, as Alison is, you will find this website is a goldmine of FAQ, harp links, MP3s and information about Celtic harp music, history, Alison's harps, sales
, sheet music, workshops
, amplification, and about "all things Celtic harp".

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Image: Victoria BC Canada


Alison's Harp Journey

Canadian Alison Vardy found herself in the deep South of New Zealand with a newly discovered passion for the Celtic harp but with no harp, nor any prospect of a harp teacher and only an indominatable will to make music.

Alison located one of the few NZ harps then available, took an odd lesson from travelling international harpists and began a wonderful journey that continues today.

Now back in Canada with almost 25 years of harpistry her life is all things Celtic harp playing professionally; performing, teaching, composing and now importing harps for sales to Canadians who wish to start a journey of their own.

The harp speaks to many of us like no other. It certainly does for Alison and for all the enthusiasts that she meets daily.

This website is a journey into Alison's world. Come, visit and enjoy!


These CDs are
Snapshots of
Alison's Journey


Image: Goto Island Suite - Alison Vardy's Celtic Harp CD

|CD Island Suite

  • Celtic harp/ Paraguayan harp
  • Celtic music
  • Multi-cultural rhythms
  • Trad. Canadian
  • Quebecois music
  • Cape Breton music
  • Macedonian/ Greek
  • Jewish/ Ladino


Image: Goto Apasionada - Alison Vardy's Celtic Harp CD

|CD Apasionada

  • Two Celtic harps/ Paraguayan harp
  • Celtic/ Scottish/ Irish/ Brittany music
  • Multi-cultural rhythms
  • South American music
  • Eastern European
  • Jewish/ Ladino


Image: Goto Harping On - Alison Vardy's Celtic & Paraguayan Harp CD

|CD Harping On

  • Paraguayan harp/ Celtic harp
  • Celtic/ Irish/ Scottish/ Welsh
  • Carolan harp music
  • South American music
  • Contemporary
  • Trad. / Spiritual

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