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Bridal Couples "Wedding" Alone

It does not get much more romantic than having your own personal harpist for your intimate wedding. Victoria BC is the elopement destination of choice for many couples! Weddings are never easier to organise than when the bridal couple quietly elopes. The quorum for eloping in British Columbia is five participants. The Bridal Couple, a marriage commissioner and two legal witnesses. These witnesses can be dual purpose also functioning as both the entertainer and photographer too. For the magic of the harp, contact Alison.

Read Alison's Top 10 Eloping Planning Tips below.

Alison also performs with her harp for couples eloping in Whistler, Vancouver BC, Tofino and Port Renfrew. There are many romantic getaways on the Gulf Islands too!


  An Elopement Plan - Swank on a Budget  

Here is a cost effective, easy to organise and high quality elopement plan for you to start from. Customise further using our eloping ideas below. Choose a week day and most everybody is usually available. Please contact the wedding suppliers directly.

|Swan's - boutique art hotel penthouse for wedding , dinner & wedding night
|Marriage License - mailed or couriered from Victoria
|Marriage Commissioner - a BC Government "JP"
|Barbara Pedrick - photographer for many website images
|Alison Vardy, Harpist - the musical ambience that ties it all together

A whole wedding plan in one go! The photographer and harpist are your legal witnesses. The Swan's Penthouse is the most gorgeous and intimate of elopement venues and is the ideal multi-purpose rental. Elope indoors by a totem pole, on the roof, under the stars - your choice on the day!


  An Elopement Plan - Simplicity  

This is the simplest of elopements. Customise further using our eloping ideas below. Choose a week day and most everybody is usually available. Please contact the wedding suppliers directly.

|Spinnakers - the best of the Brew Pubs with a guestouse in Esquimalt
|Saxe Point Park - beautiful Esquimalt ocean frontage with inexpensive permit
|Marriage License - mailed or couriered from Victoria
|Marriage Commissioner - a BC Government "JP"
|Alison Vardy, Harpist - the musical ambience that makes it special
|Stephen Vardy - complimentary witness

Another whole wedding plan all in one go! Alison and Stephen are your legal witnesses. Spinnakers and Saxe Point are a $15-$25 taxi ride from Downtown Victoria in Esquimalt. Saxe Point is gorgous with a panoramic vista of the southerly Olympic Mountains across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Summer weekdays work best for this plan. Your Spinnakers suite can be your rainout location and you can have a meal at Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub afterwards.


Image: A Japanese Wedding Couple eloping at the Chalet Restaurant



  Eloping Ideas in Victoria BC British Columbia  

|The Fairmont Empress - elope in the Library
|Swan's - a gorgeous boutique hotel penthouse - elope under the stars
|The Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa - luxury resort
|Delta Ocean Point - superb views and style
Sooke Harbour House - rated as "One of the Worlds 25 Best Hotels"
|Villa Marco Polo Inn - the ultimate romantic setting for your wedding
|Earle Clarke House - Canada's best for four years
|Prior House - recommended "Best Places to Kiss" - Fodors

|St Anne's Academy - beautiful wedding chapel
Cakes Galore - for the perfect cake
Details Special Event Planning - seamless, memorable and exceptional
|Vancouver Island Pink Pages - community wedding planning resources

|Frances Litman - perennial award winning photographer
|Carol & Mark Stofer - exceptional photography and videography services
|Arbutus Photography - gorgeous range of wedding photography styles
|Barbara Pedrick - photographer for many website images
Leslie Holden Photography - a lasting memory of your special day
|James Green - the "video agent"

Learn how to get married in British Columbia at the BC Government weddings page.



Image: Backyard Gazebo for a private small gathering


  Top Ten Eloping Planner Tips  

Planning an elopement is both exciting and daring. Eloping is one way to deal with the social stress surrounding weddings. As wedding professionals Alison has come to realise what makes an elopement special, irrespective of budget or expense. Use these top ten tips as a starting planner for eloping with grace and style...

1. Plan smart. Do not complicate the planning. Choose any day as long as it is not a Saturday afternoon in the summer and you can put the whole wedding together with as little as 2 weeks lead-in time. There is real competition for services and venues with the summer Saturday bookings and many larger weddings are planned a year in advance. Be creative with your scheduling and get a wider selection of wedding professionals to hire on short notice.

2. Know your service providers. Referrals work well as the reputation of the service providers you choose is important. Avoid unpleasant surprises as you elope by selecting professional service providers with a depth of experience. Emailing works great but close the deal by telephone with a written agreement to follow.

3. Get it in writing. Your quoted prices should include all the details as agreed. Verbal agreements get lost in the excitement.

4. Be methodical. Keep copious notes and plan achievable goals in a dayly task list. Revise your overall action plan as you progress. Be open to novel ideas as your panorama of choices is far more diverse when you elope.

5. Know your desired outcomes. Be clear as to the outcomes you want and articulate them well. People cannot please you if you do not know what you want. Wedding professionals create magic if they know what “works” for you.

6. Only your social rules need apply. You set the social boundaries for your elopement – not etiquette nor obligation. Invite exactly the people you want to your wedding and no more - keep it gloriously small. Social obligations dampen many a special day. Choose to be accompanied by people who love and care for you. Opt only for the conventions that have meaning for you and create your own significant moments that work even better for you

7. Prioritise your budget. It is very easy to spend large sums. There are so many wonderful choices available but many are secondary to your immediate eloping needs. Separate the “must haves” from the luxuries and your spending priorities become clearer. Do not go into to debt simply because of perceived social obligation.

8. Tact. The bridal couple need to enjoy their wedding and be proud of it. This means being open to hear the expectations of those around you and being tactful in articulating as to why an elopement is/was so important for you. Those that care for you will understand irrespective of social convention.

9. Confirmations. Follow up a few days prior to the elopement with your service providers and confirm your arrangements, provide any additional instructions, and reiterate the wedding schedule and your desired outcomes. It will reassure you and assists the professionals in understanding your expectations. No wedding ever goes 100% to plan – the pros know this and as long as they know your desired outcomes they will make the wedding flow seamlessly on your behalf.

10. Relax and enjoy! A well briefed small core of wedding professionals will allow you to enjoy your day for its full emotional significance. Do not let “micro-managing" spoil an otherwise fun, happy, beautiful time. Take moments to step back and enjoy what is happening around you – smell the air, catch the view, focus on your partner-to-be, enjoy a flower. Entrust your wedding to the providers that you have chosen well to make you day flow beautifully.


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